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the study of Chinese history and language and culture

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Harvard-Yenching Sinological Series, Supplement 22 (Taipei: Chinese Materials and Research and Service Center, 1966), 5/82270.
The first two sections of Technology and Gender give sadly few such items (if any), and Francesca Bray is sinological scholar enough not to have to limit herself in this way.
Of course, the significance of Pound in modern poetry cannot be doubted, and it would be pedantic and pointless to criticize the ideogrammic method on sinological grounds.
TAINAN, Taiwan -- An agreement to establish a database of Buddhist and Sinological records, chronicles, classical texts, historical books and reference works was signed between Beautiful Life Television (BLTV) and National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan, on Tuesday.
Hulsewe also interprets ti in this manner; see Anthony Francois Paulus Hulsewe, "The Shuo-wen Dictionary as a Source for Ancient Chinese Law," in Studio Serica Bernhard Karlgren Dedicata: Sinological Studies Dedicated to Bernhard Karlgren on his Seventieth Birthday.
Although beginning a review of a book about recent Chinese art by invoking the sage might look like an Orientalist flourishing of sinological credentials, it is actually offered in acknowledgment of Gao's repeated insistence that we can only understand his subject in relation to the specifics of Chinese history and thought.
But as he says, "partisanship does not entail an unbalanced account; on the contrary, one of my major purposes in presenting it was to offer a balance to what I regard as ideologically skewed standard accounts, accounts that are all too common in sinological scholarship on contemporary China, and in the commercial television and print coverage of the country" (Rosemont 1991, 2).
All of this work was done on the basis of handwritten excerpts from sinological literature (monographs as well as translations) that he had taken with him to Africa, "far
Leaving an immensely influential heritage of preliminary sinological tools for later missionaries, Morrison and other first-generation missionaries generally worked under restricted conditions with Chinese contacts who risked severe penalties for cooperating with "foreign barbarians.
Ames' major thesis is that the Huai Nan Tzu in general, and its ninth book, "The Art of Rulership," in particular, has been greatly undervalued in both the subsequent Chinese history of ideas, and thereby in Sinological studies, because of its highly eclectic and explicitly syncretic approach, which goes against the grain of the traditional Chinese philosophical tendency of presenting one's work as a continuation of the past, rather than as a break from it.
Up to perhaps the 1630s, when domestic production in Japan increased as a result of the growth of commercial publishing, imports from Korea were probably the single most important source of reliable editions of sinological texts.
While his translation of Buber's commentary on and translation of selected aphorisms from the Taoist classic Chuang-Tzu and his threefold analysis of the historicity, heuristic value, and hermeneutic principle of Buber's approach enrich both sinological discourse and Buber scholarship, it is its contribution to a comparative hermeneutics that gives I and Tao a wider significance.
2) Indeed, some of their explanations do seem far-fetched or even fanciful, a fact regularly noted in earlier works of the Western sinological tradition.
compendium of Daoist thought, for the first time complete in English, is a noteworthy event for the Sinological community and for the larger readership interested in China's long and complex history.
2) Before retiring to Batavia, Zach had regularly published book reviews in European Sinological journals such as T'oung Pao and Asia Major.