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Overall, Hollywood's Representation of the Sino-Tibetan Conflict covers an important subject and brings a wide range of thematic threads together.
org / policy-center/ memorandum-on-genuine-autonomy-for-the-tibetan-people/ (the latest iteration elaborating upon issues that have been presented from the beginning of the Sino-Tibetan dialogue starting with Five-Point Peace Plan and the Strasbourg Proposal of 1988).
Feb 14: The Dalai Lama said that the existing, informal channels of Sino-Tibetan communications had come to a complete halt.
The Sino-Tibetan languages are spoken mainly by the tribal belts of the northeast.
principles with respect to human rights, religious freedom, political prisoners, and economic development projects in Tibet, the TPA establishes in statute the State Department position of Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues; requires a number of annual reporting requirements on Sino-Tibetan negotiations, both by the State Department and by the congressionally established Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC); mandates the provision of Tibetan language training to interested foreign service officers in the U.
Smith , a broadcaster with the Tibetan Service of Radio Free Asia, is the author of "Tibetan Nation: A History of Tibetan Nationalism and Sino-Tibetan Relations" and co-author of the 1997 International Commission of Jurists report "Tibet: Human Rights and the Rule of Law.
Agricultural resettlement to the Sino-Tibetan frontier, 1950-1962.
The Gurungs of Gandaki region practise both systems of astrology--the Indian and the Sino-Tibetan, though the traditional astrological practice of the Gurungs is based on Sino-Tibetan astrology.
By 1908, he'd finally settled in Batang, in the brigand-riddled Chinese province of Kham on the Sino-Tibetan border.
Of the Chinese population, 94% are reported to speak Han (a Sino-Tibetan language) and its dialects, Mandarin, Wu, Yue (Cantonese), Xiang, Gan, Kenjia, and Min, with more than two thirds speaking the Mandarin dialect of Han.
Stocks are a more finely tuned and comprehensive set of categories than conventional language families, such as Indo-European or Sino-Tibetan.
The more familiar Karen languages, Sgaw and Pwo, have lost this contrast and it is assumed that, as in many other Sino-Tibetan languages, an original voice contrast of the p/b type there had given way to a tonal contrast.
concept in fact long discarded - she agrees to go off to a remote spot to learn horse herding with a Tibetan saddle tramp, Lao Jin (Lopsang), who "lost his manhood" years ago in the Sino-Tibetan conflict.
We are continually researching, particularly among isolated Sino-Tibetan hill tribes who will be radically affected by road development'.
Contesting the Yellow Dragon: Ethnicity, Religion, and the State in the Sino-Tibetan Borderland
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