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Synonyms for Sinhalese

a native or inhabitant of Sri Lanka

the Indic language spoken by the people of Sri Lanka

of or relating to the Sinhalese languages

of or relating to the Sinhalese people


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A 2014 poll says 35 percent of Sinhalese respondents said the government had already done a lot to address the root causes of the ethnic conflict, compared with 3 percent who said it had done nothing.
While his coalition won in the predominantly Sinhalese rural and suburban areas, it lost heavily wherever there was an ethnically mixed population," Perera told DW.
The brutal conflict, pitting the minority Hindu Tamils in Sri Lanka's north and east against a national government that primarily represented Sri Lanka's Sinhalese Buddhist majority, had taken tens of thousands of lives and led to a hardening of attitudes on both sides.
Later in the day he flies into Tamil territory to pray at a shrine beloved by both Sinhalese and Tamil faithful.
Mr Rajapaksa, however, remains hugely popular with many in the Sinhalese majority.
Palitha Thewaraperuma, Member of Parliament of the United National Party informed the US envoy that clashes between Sinhalese and minorities had resulted in the damage of nearly 26 Sinhalese houses.
Demanded immediate police action against Gnanasara Thero for instigating the riots, he said the Sinhalese in general are a friendly community.
Speaking to the public in a video released, Silva states Muslims and Sinhalese have always maintained a good relationship, he observed interracial marriages had continued to exist with common bloodlines between the two communities.
Our mothers or grandmothers, they don't speak English," said Sunethra, whose daughter was practicing her Sinhalese in the basement below.
The UPFA comfortably won two other elections held simultaneously in Central and North Western provinces, which are populated mainly by the island's majority ethnic Sinhalese.
The BCCI was forced to take the decision after the Tamil Nadu government stuck to its stand of not allowing the Sri Lankan players to play in the wake of the strong anti- Sinhalese sentiments in the state.
The attack injured at least five people, including journalists seeking to cover the event, and appears to reflect the continuing hostility directed at minority Muslims from hard-line members of Sri Lanka's Sinhalese Buddhist majority.
Established by Sinhalese King Wickramabahu III during his period of reign from 1357 to 1374, the city became the capital of the Kandyan kingdom in the 16th century.
They spoke a different language than the Sinhalese and were Hindus.
in researching this topic is to offer a view on how Sinhalese Christians of Sri Lanka can properly respond to the puberty ritual of the Sinhalese Buddhists (involving sequestration for a week followed by a celebration) in light of their Christian faith.