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Synonyms for Sinhalese

a native or inhabitant of Sri Lanka

the Indic language spoken by the people of Sri Lanka

of or relating to the Sinhalese languages

of or relating to the Sinhalese people


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Joseph shows us the importance of transcending religious divisions in the service of peace," Francis said in his homily, delivered in English and then translated for the crowd in both Sinhalese and Tamil.
Anagarika Dharmapala was successful in creating within the people of Sri Lanka a Sinhalese-Buddhist conscience and reinvigorating the Sinhalese community to struggle for independence, his was an ideological struggle-before him came Wansapurna Dewage David alias Gongale Goda Banda the leader of the 1848 Rebellion.
They have further reason to cheer in that the Sinhalese, too, joined them in the protest.
The 38-year-old, who previously converted to Islam, was detained after writing two books in Sinhalese, allegedly offensive to Lord Buddha.
When Rajapaksa decided last November to call an early election to help cash in on his war-hero status with the Sinhalese, he had a surprise waiting for him: anticipating the move, Fonseka submitted his resignation so that he could stand against the incumbent as the common opposition candidate.
Sinhalese resentment grew rapidly, and the first Sinhalese-Tamil riots were in 1939.
In the years after independence, the Sinhalese, who resented British favouritism toward Tamils during the colonial period, disenfranchised Tamil migrant plantation workers from India and made Sinhala the sole official language.
But a senior rebel leader countered the army accusation by suggesting the attack could be "the work of forces seeking to create ethnic tension between the Sinhalese and the Tamil population".
The next seven chapters address the Sri Lankan Tamil question in approximately chronological form, focusing on such issues as the ethnography of Sri Lanka, the impact of literature on Tamil nationalism, the rise of both Sinhalese and Tamil national consciousness in the pre-1948 colonial period, the militarization of Tamil youth, and Indias military intervention in the 1980s.
Technically speaking, the conflict is a civil war between the Tamil Tiger rebel army, who are fighting for an independent homeland, and majority Sinhalese government forces.
The scale of carnage in Sri Lanka's civil war between Tamil separatists and the Sinhalese majority is far higher than that in Northern Ireland.
brThe government ordered the internet blackout after police discovered mobs of Sinhalese rioters were using social media to coordinate attacks on Muslim establishments.
According to foreign media reports, the violence began after a group of young Muslims beat up a Sinhalese driver.
OVER the past few days, disturbing news of communal violence has been coming out of the island nation of Sri Lanka, involving members of the majority Buddhist Sinhalese community and minority Muslims.
Hashan Gunasekara , a Buddhist living in Kandy said "I was born a Sinhalese Buddhist.