Ten Commandments

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the biblical commandments of Moses


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From the insistence on Halakha le-Moshe mi-Sinai, and its frequent use (in contrast to its alternative - finding biblical sources through exegesis), one would infer that the later one moves into rabbinic history, the more exclusive the Sinaitic revelation becomes - a onetime event that contained all necessary knowledge, making any subsequent revelations, "minor" or "major," superfluous.
Deciding in favor of one view over another does not affect the revelatory composition, whose source and validation lie solely in the Sinaitic revelation of the Torah (written and oral) and in the interpretation of this revelation.
As discussed below, this root appears in reference to the Sinaitic Revelation (Ex.
Additionally, there are parallels to the Sinaitic Revelation that are in consonance with Joshua's personal initiative.