Sinai Peninsula

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a peninsula in northeastern Egypt

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On Tuesday, Russian Federal Security Service Head Alexander Bortnikov said that the detonation of a homemade explosive device with an equivalent of 1 kilogram of TNT caused the crash that killed 224 people over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula on October 31.
Militants have killed scores of policemen and troops in bombings and shootings, mostly in the Sinai Peninsula, since the army toppled Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.
According to media reports, a threemonth state of emergency has been declared in parts of the Sinai Peninsula and Egypt's Rafah crossing into the Gaza Strip has been closed.
Egypt has seen an upsurge in militant insurrection, mainly based in the Sinai Peninsula, since the military ouster of President Mohamed Morsi amid massive protests last summer.
The targeting of foreign tourists was the first to take place in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula in nearly a decade, when a massive bomb devastated a luxury hotel in Taba, killing 34 people, mostly foreign tourists.
CDATA[ Egyptas new rulers are faced with a terror problem from the Sinai Peninsula, with the emergence of radical jihad groups.
Since the ousting of President Morsi in July, after which the Egyptian military took control of the country, Islamist militancy has drastically risen on the Sinai Peninsula.
A funeral convoy carrying the bodies of the four slain militants drives through Sheikh Zuweid in the north of the Sinai Peninsula yesterday.
Israel closed Eilat airport near Sinai peninsula for security concerns Israel closed Eilat airport near Egypt's Sinai peninsula on Thursday Aug.
Soldiers of the 5th Battalion, 113th Field Artillery, are deploying to the Sinai Peninsula for a year as Multinational Force Observers or MFO.
Two touritst who were kidnapped by Bedouins on the Sinai peninsula in Egypt four days ago were released on Tuesday morning.
In response, Egypt has reiterated its respect for the peace treaty, while stressing its full right to restore order and security in the Sinai Peninsula.
An Israeli soldier and three militants who infiltrated from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula were killed in a clash along the border yesterday, the army said.
Summary: Egyptian security forces seized near the Libyan border on Thursday dozens of heavy weapons allegedly bound for the Sinai Peninsula to stir up trouble ahead of upcoming presidential elections, a police official said.
The group, which calls itself Ansar al Jihad in the Sinai Peninsula, posted its version of a mission statement in online jihadist web forums Tuesday, the SITE Intelligence Group said.