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a machine that simulates an environment for the purpose of training or research

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Gaumard Scientific Company has designed, manufactured and marketed simulators for health care education for more than 60 years.
Cox reiterates that for any other Corps aviation program to reduce flight hours and realize similar efficiencies, it would need a V-22-like training system that would include not only high-fidelity simulators, but also effective courseware and other components.
Outside the fence surrounding the government-run Earth Simulator Center, you can hear the air conditioners humming around the massive hangar as the [yen] 40 billion NEC-built behemoth begins its work.
com) has unveiled the RT-LAB Electric Drive Simulator--the company's most advanced real-time engineering simulator to date.
Unlike other simulator rides where the motion base is bolted to the floor, the Scoop zooms past 13 huge screens inside the theater.
Simulators are also the military's shining hope for fast, antiseptic future conflicts--the theory being that if troops can drill on realistic machines, during actual combat it will be a smooth ride from "go" to "game over.
is building for the Sahara will have 24 simulators, each a three-quarter-scale mock-up of an Indy race car.
To learn more about how the human body acquires the skills to manage high-speed maneuvers-and to help train Olympic bobsledders-Mont Hubbard, a mechanical engineer at the University of California, Davis, and his colleagues have built a bobsled simulator.
SGI (NYSE: SGI), in conjunction with Virtual Reality Media and Letecke opravny Kbely, helped to develop a fully reconfigurable simulator modeled on the Russian Sukhoi Su-22 attack aircraft.
We know that by incorporating their technology into our simulator offering we will be providing our customers with a superior product.
Finally, three weeks ago the Navy issued its final environmental impact statement for EMPRESS-II -- the first such assessment completed for any of DOD's EMP simulators.
Company Also Delivers the First of Two Full Scope Nuclear Simulators in Japan
With the SGI image generator, the AVCATT-A simulators can provide fully correlated, out-the-window and sensor-based imagery and create a wide range of simulated conditions that include battlefield smoke; blowing snow; dust or sand; and temperature, wind, visibility and cloud ceiling.
NASDAQ: PERC) announced today that Professional Truckdriving Simulators (PTDS), in which it is a 50 percent partner with FAAC of Ann Arbor, Mich.
We began researching simulators more than a year ago to better train our officers with defensive driving techniques and help reduce the number of preventable cruiser accidents," said Ronnie Smith Sr.