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Synonyms for Simon

one of the twelve Apostles (first century)

United States singer and songwriter (born in 1942)


United States playwright noted for light comedies (born in 1927)

United States economist and psychologist who pioneered in the development of cognitive science (1916-2001)

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Simon Stock Catholic School on East 182nd Street in the Bronx, i New York, Daniel Simon, marketing director of the Gaia Institute, points to a neighboring high-rise apartment building.
Simons forcefully rejects this model, arguing convincingly instead for two stages, the first of which he terms the pre-institutional movement, or the spontaneous movement, that began circa 1190, the evidence for which is found in a handful of beguine vitae, the most celebrated being that of Mary of Oignies (d.
After kicking nine field goals - including four in the playoffs - to help Hart High's football team to the Southern Section Division II final last season, Simons has been accepted to Princeton, where he plans to continue his football career.
Versatile "downtown" and transatlantic choreographer Ton Simons moves easily between modern dance and ballet.
BSCC) and PDA Dimensions, an Atlanta-based software development company, are demonstrating a co-developed software application for Simon, BSCC's personal communicator, called DispatchIt(TM) at Comdex, the computer industry trade show this week in Las Vegas, NV.
But what Simons doesn't know is what it feels like to let down his team.
Simons, 26, died Sunday when his police car crashed on the Long Beach Freeway as he responded to a car theft call.
Larry brings a very progressive view of the new marketing landscape, emphasizing the role that data-driven, digitally delivered and industry focused marketing services will play in building brands," said Simons.
View interview with John Simons talking about the San Miguel Project: http://pgdp.
We are very excited to have Tom Simons contributing his business acumen and creativity to IMN," said IMN's Chief Executive Officer Kathleen Goodwin.
A number of celebrity Simons joined in the SIMON celebration by autographing the two-sided SIMON2 game.
com, the leader in social media for adults, and the Touchstone imprint of Simon & Schuster, a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, announce the Gather.
Her Interactive today announced that it has partnered with Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing to deliver two Nancy Drew computer game and paperback book bundles to major retail stores nationwide beginning on September 30, 2003.
Simon & Schuster Interactive, the digital entertainment arm of Simon & Schuster Inc.