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polish with wax

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YONEHIRO: I worked full-time for the Simonize Company and attended law school evenings, sir.
Simonize Ultimate care wax targets young adults, as indicated by its free (with purchase) cassette tapes of popular rock and country stars.
They're paid to analyze, empathize, criticize and theorize - almost everything but do a wash and Simonize - on the NCAA Tournament.
On the appearance products front, the company's Simonize brand has a new non-abrasive car wax and car wash line specifically formulated for new vehicles with clear coat finishes.
To further simonize NACDS' current appeal, the association is lengthening the distance, in terms of member involvement and satisfaction, between itself and its nearest competitors.
Besides Prestone antifreeze, there are Simonize products and STP, which was acquired last year.
Beyond that, the programs have combined to simonize the retailer's relationship with the U.
Simonize is sporting a $3 refund this year, stressing its "no-sweat' polishing action, while Turtle Wax says a new deep-cleaning formula has improved its car interior cleaning products line.
It must be said that a resurrection of the Buy American program would not necessarily improve Wal-Mart's bottom line or simonize its well-deserved reputation for low prices.
If Revlon uses her wisely and well in conjunction with the new film and her role as Revlon spokeswoman, she will certainly simonize the brand, not only for its consumers but for its retail detractors.
To that end, new plans and programs are abundantly in evidence, most of them designed to simonize the National Association of Chain Drug Stores' Annual Meeting and Marketplace events.
for example, is launching the Simonize Household Cleaning Kit this month.
Should such a partnership materialize, it would certainly simonize the buying group for its member chains.