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  • adj

Synonyms for silver-tongued

fluently persuasive and forceful

Synonyms for silver-tongued

expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively

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Looking with disdain at a proffered loud hailer, the man with silver hair and silver tongue announced: "I don't need a microphone, and I've got plenty to say.
FIRST it was pigeons in midfield, now he's Macallan the shots - hail the silver tongue of John Lambie
The new colors will join Blah Blah Black, Silver Tongue and Goldy Lips.
Most of all they need a silver tongue, a brass neck - and the hide of a Sherman tank" - Edwina Currie, former Tory health minister.
It's a journey that will take him to Washington to see the new president in action, and sees him asking the likes of Bill Clinton, Bob Geldof and Germaine Greer who think they possessed the world's most silver tongue.
He's a dad who is known as a silver tongue, which means he can bring characters from books to life when he reads them out loud.
The hits which shaped her career rolled off her silver tongue.
Neither of them was born with a silver spoon in their mouths, although they might have a silver tongue in their heads.
Their 1972 debut album, Two Silver Tongue Devils (Who Ain't Got A Clue), was followed by 1974's Wasted Banjos And Drunken Guitars.
South African Garth, 75, came to London in the 60s as a tall, handsome young hack whose silver tongue opened the doors of Dukes and dustmen alike.
I used to be on the forecourt selling cars and you have to have the gift of the gab, the silver tongue," he said.
Brooks is also the 1999 winner of San Diego's prestigious Silver Tongue award.