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(Roman mythology) god of woods and fields and flocks


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Midgley has enjoyed plenty of success this term with the likes of Line Of Reason and Monsieur Joe and Silvanus has shown he is no slouch either.
Rapaport recounts a number of slave narratives, including the case of Silvanus Warro.
Also, the Secretary has named John Silvanus Wilson as Director of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
In the year 285, Silvanus the Palestinian bishop of Gaza was given two choices, either to give up his faith or to die.
The business of DPL Holdings Limited (trading as Silvanus and
ZENO, DISCIPLE OF SILVANUS, SAYS, "Never stay in a well-known place nor sit with a famous person nor lay foundation for building a cell someday.
His earliest letter is addressed to the Thessalonians from Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy (1 Thess 1:1), while he lists Sosthenes in 1 Cor 1:1 and Timothy in 2 Cor 1:1 and Phil 1:1 as co-senders of those letters.
The author, Erwin Silvanus, himself a former inmate of a Nazi labor camp and made an invalid as a result of this incarceration, was profoundly moved by the selflessness and sacrifice of this Polish Jewish humanist.
Two of the frescoes are completely lost, though their subjects are known, thanks principally to their evocation in an early sixteenth-century poem by Silvanus Germanicus: (13) one showed the Roman people entrusting power in their struggle against Hannibal to Fabius Cunctator (the 'Delayer'); the other depicted a second (gory) episode in the Punic war, when the severed head of Hasdrubal was presented to his brother Hannibal.
The Silvanus Thompson Memorial Lecture delivered at The British Institute of Radiology on 18 April 1974.
Codex VII, the best preserved of the Nag Hammadi codices, contains five separate tractates: the Paraphrase of Shem, the Second Treatise of the Great Seth, the Apocalypse of Peter, the Teachings of Silvanus and the Three Steles of Seth.
Virdung's text, written in Early New High German (Fruhneuhochdeutsch), appears in the form of a dialogue between two colleagues, Sebastian (the author) and his friend Andreas Silvanus.
That a formal apparatus, a detective bureau, for solving murders hardly existed even in imperial Rome is demonstrated in the defenestration of Apronia by her husband, Plautius Silvanus, a praetor.
Silvanus travels to Epsom on the hat-trick trail after winning his last two handicaps, at Catterick and Ripon.