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valenciennesi Jordan, greater N redhorse Order Siluriformes (bullhead and catfish) Family Ictaluridae (bullhead and catfish) Ameriurus catus (Linnaeus), white S catfish A.
Taxon Common Name Harmon Wynne Class: Actinopterygii Order: Cypriniformes Family: Cyprinidae Cyprinella lutrensis Red Shiner 213 17 Cyprinella venusta Blacktail Shiner 673 2 Notropis texanus Weed Shiner 187 101 Pimephales vigilax Bullhead Minnow 23 1 Order: Cyprinodontiformes Family: Poeciliidae Gambusia affinis Western Mosquitofish 485 135 Family: Fundulidae Fundulus notatus Blackstripe Topminnow 429 16 Order: Siluriformes Family: Ictaluridae Ameiurus natalis Yellow Bullhead 0 2 Order: Perciformes Family: Percidae Percina sciera Dusky Darter 2 0 Family: Centrarchidae Lepomis macrochirus Bluegill 13 1 Lepomis megalotis Longear Sunfish 7 4 Micropterus punctulatus Spotted Bass 3 1 Total Abundance 2035 280 Table 2.
grouper (marine) Lutjanidae snapper (marine) Siluriformes catfish (freshwater) Reptilia reptiles Chelonia turtles (freshwater) Iguanidae iguanas Aves birds Meleagridae turkeys Crax rubra great currasow Mammalia mammals Didelphis marsupialis common opossum Dasypus novemcinctus nine-banded armadillo Sylvilagus sp.