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3A-D); whereas treatment with acetylcholine, which induces the aggregation of melanosomes in the melanophores of some fish species belonging to the family Siluridae (order Siluri-formes) (15, 16), did not affect the chromatophores (data not shown).
Catalogue of the Physostomi, containing the families Siluridae, Characinidae, Haplochitonidae, Sternoptychidae, Scopelidae, Stomiatidae in the collection of the British Mus.
4500 NSA 1 Raia-de-agua- doce CLASSE ACTINOPTERYGII Ordem Characiformes Familia Characidae NSA1, NSA2 Peixes Familia Siluridae NSA 1 Peixes CLASSE REPTILIA Ordem Testudines Familia Chelidae NSA2 Cagados CLASSE AVES NSA1, NSA2 Aves CLASSE MAMMALIA Ordem Primates Familia Cebidae Alouatta sp.
It is found in all zoogeographical regions and the majority of its members exhibit high degree of specificity, and their hosts largely belong to the family Cyprinidae less to Bagridae and Siluridae (Moravec, 2010; Anjum, 2013; Asmatullah-Kakar et al.