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from 425 million to 405 million years ago

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The morphology of Elgaecrinus shows a series of special adaptations to a particular mode of life characteristic of the Late Silurian and Early Devonian.
In the Silurian Period the Earth was considerably different - Canberra was a warm, shallow sea home to many aquatic invertebrate animals such as brachiopods, corals and bryozoans.
1985) and a new regional correlation of Late Ordovician-Late Silurian cover rocks from the Central Maine, Aroostook-Matapedia, and Fredericton sequences.
The study, carried out by a team of researchers from China and Sweden, was published Thursday under the title "A Silurian maxillate placoderm illuminates jaw evolution" in the (http://science.
Some of the Upper Silurian and all of the Devonian are missing in Syria.
Residents, elderly members of the community and a local councillor joined Cardiff Bay Neighbourhood Police Team Officers on evening patrol to improve the quality of life for people living in Windlass Court and Silurian Park, Butetown.
Experts said it was an unusually high proportion of young to adults, with one juvenile spotted for every 177 miles travelled by the Silurian, the trust's research yacht.
It wasn't until sometime around 440 million years ago, near the beginning of the Silurian Period, that the record yields tantalizing but rare and fragmentary evidence that jaw-bearing fishes had evolved.
It promises the return of the socalled Paternoster Gang, a trio of detectives made up of the dome-headed alien Strax (Dan Starkey), the Silurian Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), and her human wife, Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart).
Scorpions are extremely conservative organisms that occur in the fossil record from the early Silurian period (Stormer 1977; Dunlop & Selden 2013) and are believed to have been an entirely terrestrial clade (e.
The actress is best known for wearing green scaly skin to play Silurian warrior Madame Vastra in the sci-fi series.
The Silurian and her human partner Jenny Flint - Catrin Stewart - come to the aide of new Time Lord Peter Capaldi.
In early April, Saudi Aramco drilled the first well targeting a Silurian shale gas area in the north-west of the country, utilising multi-stage hydraulic fracking and horizontal drilling technology.
The primary focus of Oakland Resources (ASX:OKL) is the aggressive exploration for gold deposits in the emerging Silurian Gold Province of New South Wales.
The episode sees the return of Neve McIntosh as Madame Vastra the Silurian, Dan Starkey as Strax.