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a fine-grained sandstone of consolidated silt

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Within these deposits four lithostratigraphic units composed of conglomerates, sandstones, siltstones, shales, marls, gypsum, bioclastic and hippuritic limestones are recognized.
In the study area, the flysch rock mass is characterized by lithological heterogeneity because of common vertical and lateral changes in the lithological sequences, which include marls, siltstones, and fine-grained sandstones as well as distinctive calcarenite layers (Figure 2).
The second body is gray-greenish to yellow-greenish siltstones and fine sandstones and conglomerates exhibiting rather round clasts with cross-bedding and ripple marks.
Three vertical electrical soundings of low resistivity on the southern side of Tornimagi Hill, indicating an outcrop area of Cambrian sand- and siltstones, support this conclusion.
In turn, this siltstone is underlain by 80 cm of light-gray, lithic arenite exhibiting alternating horizontal laminations and cross-strata, as well as sporadic Skolithos burrows.
The dark grey mudstones, silt mudstones with thin siltstones formed shallower sedimentary sequences upwards.
Fossil megaripples were accidentally discovered during expansion of a factory car park as workers used a backhoe to remove rock from a northwest dipping sequence of alternating coarse sandstones and siltstones within the Hampton Formation (Lower Cambrian).
These units are represented by the intercalating sequence of reddish-brown, yellowish-red and pinkish-red sandstone, variegated siltstones and reddish-brown silty claystones.
The siltstones are arkosic, have very angular grains, and apparently represent immature volcanic sediments.
Confirmation of these ages is provided by the overlying Flat Landing Brook Formation of felsic flows, pyroclastic rocks and interlayered tholeiitic basalts and maroon shales and siltstones (van Staal et al.
Siltstones or sandy shales are similar in strength to sandstones and the ultimate strength depends upon the nature of the composition and presence of discontinuities.
In Kentucky, the Borden Formation consists of, from the base upward, a sequence of shales, siltstones and silificied limestones which differ locally in proportion (Weir, 1970).
Chan and her coworkers found the tidal fossils in a series of unusual siltstones preserved in the mountains outside Salt Lake City.
The Dewey Lake Redbeds are pale-reddish brown siltstones, polka-dotted with green reduction spots and irregularly veined with secondary selenite fillings (Vine, 1963).