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any of a large class of compounds that have alternate silicon and oxygen atoms

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Together with Nabaltec, Evonik has tested various formulations using ATH into which organomodified siloxanes have been mixed resulting in a better dispersion of the ATH or MDH.
Organic superwetting surfactants are able to achieve reasonably low equilibrium and extremely low dynamic surface tensions; therefore, they are often excellent alternatives to traditional siloxane and fluorosurfactants.
To eliminate the dine and effort spent in identifying suitable defoamers, a complete, structured siloxane based defoamer line has been developed to enable the formulator to follow a systematic approach when selecting defoamers for his ink formulation.
Silencure SRT provides a cuing compound and penetrating siloxane sealer in a single product that can be applied on broom finished, precast, hand or machine troweled surfaces.
Biogas is passed through a vessel containing activated carbon, which adsorbs siloxanes, before being sent to a CHP engine.
3) investigated the effect of the siloxane chain extender 1,3-bis(4-hydroxybutyl)-1,1, 3-tetramethyldisiloxane (BHTD) on PU properties and morphology.
Modern polyvinyl siloxanes have a working time of two minutes and a setting time of six minutes (with slight variation) [3, 13].
Over the past years, siloxanes were incorporated into PU structures to obtain a new hydrophobic domain [7-12].
The tests conducted by Toxicon have also established that the cyclic siloxanes generated are cytotoxic with a reduction in cell count of 70%.
The silicon-based siloxanes are generated via the decomposition of personal care products, including cosmetics, soaps, hairsprays, creams and gels, as well as dry-cleaning products.
The coatings are based on siloxanes, acrylates, urethanes, and epoxies.
The increase is a response to a surge in global demand for its silicon-based products, where it expects to increase production of polydimethyl siloxanes by 15%.
These siloxanes can be prepared from chiral bromosilanes whose synthesis is the focus of this paper.
But by themselves, siloxanes do not wet very easily, so they are uncomfortable.
Ameron's PSX(R) Engineered Siloxane based coatings can substantially reduce the number of layers required in coating applications over traditional polyurethane or epoxy based coatings and siloxanes have very low viscosities so they can be formulated to very high solids and low VOC's.