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Silicon germanium ICs expected to gain higher profile in cellular market
It also said that silicon germanium works at high frequencies while also consuming less power than its competitors.
In selecting Jazz for the award, Frost & Sullivan, an international strategic market and growth consulting firm, acknowledged that the company has established itself in the pure-play foundry market for the silicon germanium (SiGe) process in a very short span and has demonstrated its ability to provide multi-fab services.
Strained silicon, combined with our prior advances in copper, silicon-on-insulator, silicon germanium and low-K materials, will allow us to maintain our one-to-two year lead in semiconductor technologies over the rest of the industry.
The transponder incorporates several Silicon Germanium (SiGe) chipsets developed by Big Bear, including the full CMU/Mux and CDR/Demux, contributing significantly to the high performance and reliability of the transponder.
amp; SINGAPORE -- Leading Foundry Targets High-Voltage, Non-Volatile Memory and High-Performance Silicon Germanium BiCMOS Product Solutions for Display, RFID and Wireless Products across Multiple Nodes
Xceive used Jazz Semiconductor's proven, high volume silicon germanium BiCMOS (SiGe BiCMOS) process to make the smallest, high performance RF-to-baseband TV tuner on the market with breakthroughs in video quality and a high video signal to noise ratio.
the CMOS baseline process as well as the RF CMOS, high voltage CMOS and silicon germanium (SiGe) processes.
Alereon used Jazz Semiconductor's proven, high volume silicon germanium BiCMOS (SiGe BiCMOS) process to enable a cost effective solution in a 7mm x 7mm package.