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At the centre of the attention of this team was a mysterious black pebble found years earlier by an Egyptian geologist in the area of the silica glass.
While silica glass was traditionally made by melting and rapidly cooling high-purity quartz, Spectrosil is made by feeding silicon tetrachloride gas into a hydrogen-oxygen flame to produce a glass of higher purity and transparency.
Since the proposed waveguide sensor consists of various materials such as silica glass, chalcogenide glass and silver materials and their corresponding refractive indices are the function of wavelength, it is necessary to examine the refractive indices of these materials in various wavelength ranges.
Meltings were made in clay crucibles in which ZrO2 was progressively substituted in a selected soda lime silica glass.
The modulus of elasticity is higher than the glass fiber and the coefficient of thermal expansion is low enough to be equal to silica glass with 1X[10.
In the semiconductor industry, this machining technique is frequently used to work silicon, silicon carbide, silica glass, and glass-ceramic composites such as Zerodur, holding dimensions with surface finish to 0.
This technology enables room temperature entrapment of organic and bioactive molecules in silica glass beads.
Conventionally, computer chip manufacturers have insulated their wire connections with silica glass, preventing them from coming into contact and interfering with each other.
Hirose and his colleagues took a mixture of quartz crystals and silica glass and compressed it between two small diamonds to pressures approaching 3 million times the pressure exerted by the atmosphere at sea level.
As its trace element content is extremely low, use of Aerosil EG50 yields silica glass that meets the purity requirements of applications in the optics, semiconductor, and information technology industries.
2] or silica glass (preferably with a phosphate based bond), which effectively closes the pores to prevent penetration of molten aluminum into the refractory pores.
The "time capsule" is shaped liked a DVD but made out of silica glass to withstand extreme temperatures and durable enough to last five centuries.
These aqueous glasses have properties similar to the silica glass in windows - except that they form at temperatures hundreds of degrees lower.
Figure 1 shows the transmission characteristics of silica glass, where several windows or spectral regions of lower attenuation are in the vicinity of 810, 1310 and 1550 nm.