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a region of central Europe rich in deposits of coal and iron ore

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a sturdy twill-weave cotton fabric

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Including work in the field of breeding and forest protection, fire protection, harvesting and skidding and forest management, nursery work and meadow-agricultural economy to perform in the mountain forest district of Silesia in the years 2016-2018.
Climate-KIC has announced a ground-breaking agreement with the Lower Silesia region in Poland to coordinate their multi-million dollar investment programmes.
Among the topics are a new fragment of 15th-century polyphony in Silesia and the tradition of the Central-European Repertory, the Canus Choralis (1575) of Johannes Knofel, chronological clues about Jacob Handel's compositions preserved in the Brzeg Manuscript Collection, the Protestant elite milieu in the 17th-century county of Klodzko/Glatz as exemplified by the family of the Wroclaw/Breslau organist Tobias Zeutschner, and Bernard Artophaeus and Bohuslav Matej Cernohorsky as casual examples of Czech music in Baroque Silesia and the last traces of music by Minorites in Wroclaw.
The only interested investor remaining now is Silesia, Economy and Energy Minister, Delyan Dobrev admitted.
The aeroplanes and much else in the Zeughaus were destroyed by Allied bombs during World War II and the contents of the Richthofen Museum simply vanished after Lower Silesia was overrun by the Red Army in late 1944.
Steve Webster goes for the green during his third round in the Moravia Silesia Open in the Czech Republic yesterday
Jola Ostrowska, project manager of the Lower Silesia Regeneration project praised Wales' efforts to include local people in the regeneration process.
Dear Editor, - This last week I attended several local events celebrating the signing of an inter-regional co-operation agreement between the West Midlands and Lower Silesia in Poland.
The weekend trip to Gliwicki County, Silesia has been funded by Denbighshire Council.
Silesia International has hired Roif Pottschmidt as vice president of sales.
The West Midlands in Europe partnership is linking up with the Lower Silesia Association from south-west Poland in an arrangement that will provide English-language training for Polish officials and business opportunities for West Midlands companies.
In the Potsdam Agreement of August 2, 1945, the victorious Allies decided to evict the inhabitants of Silesia (the province of which Breslau was the capital).
At the end of the war, they were sent back to Poland to settle in Wroclaw (the former German city of Breslau), in Polish-occupied Silesia, in a house occupied by Germans during the war.
Then Prussia's king, Frederick II, seized the opportunity of the death of the Austrian emperor to seize Silesia from the hapless female heir, Maria Theresa.