Silene vulgaris

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perennial of Arctic Europe having large white flowers with inflated calyx

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Interactions between Silene vulgaris and Hadena moths are predatory due to ineffective pollination and larval consumption of seeds (Pettersson 1991a, b).
Flower herbivory and seed predation in Silene vulgaris (Caryophyllaceae): effects of pollination and phenology.
Pollination by a guild of fluctuating moth populations: option for unspecialization in Silene vulgaris.
Taking a chance on moths: oviposition by Delia flavifrons (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) on the flowers of bladder campion, Silene vulgaris (Caryophyllaceae).
Fitnesses of female and hermaphroditic Silene vulgaris derived from a weighted average of estimates taken from 12 artificial populations (observed) and estimated for [p.
The population biology of gynodioecy in Silene vulgaris (abstr.
Gynodioecy in Silene vulgaris (Caryophyllaceae): progeny success, experimental design, and maternal effects.
13 Silene alba 1 1 Silene vulgaris 7 Solanum dulcamara 4 1 Solanum nigrum 1 1 Spergula arvensis 9 Stellaria graminea 3 6 Stellaria media 1 13 Thlaspi arvense 2 3 Urtica dioica 3 1 5 Urtica urens 3 4 Viola arvensis 1 1 MEADOW PLANTS Alchemilla sp.
Silene vulgaris is an introduced weed in Virginia, growing in distinct patches consisting of up to 100+ individuals along roadsides.
is]-values obtained for five allozyme loci based on collections from 16 populations of Silene vulgaris found in Giles County, Virginia.
Advantages of being a specialist female in gynodioecious Silene vulgaris S.