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11) The proper names mentioned in the poem also seem to evoke Classical mythology: Silena might be aurally reminiscent of Cyllene, the birthplace of Mercury (who is a key character in the myth of Aglauros); Lausus was the young warrior for whom Aeneas felt great pity after killing, in Virgil's epic (10.
11] PEREZ, Mario; SMITS, Stef; BENAVIDES, Alberto y VARGAS, Silena, (2002).
Deputy Finance Minister Silena Alvarado said customs revenues grew 33.
Captain Silena Ullah capped a player-of-the-match performance with a goal in each half and was unlucky not to register a hat-trick when what looked like a good goal was disallowed.
Silena International had a number of security and screening products on show, including the new radiation detectors--see page 20 of this issue.
The dragon had apparently been annoying the locals near Silena in Libya by eating two sheep a day when mutton was scarce.
The highlight for Shields was the performance of skipper Silena Ullah in goal.
One entity dedicated to solving this problem is the safeguards and security division of Silena International SpA, Italy.
Scorers for Shields' were Stephanie Chater (3) and Silena Ullah (2).
The Shields' youngsters twice led with goals from Silena Ullah and Stephen Chater, only to be pegged back, following a corner, by Tynedale's second equaliser five minutes from time.
Also in Division Five, Shields' third team went down 3-2 away to Gateshead Fourths, Steve Williams and Silena Ullah on target.
Subs (not used): Zubas, Freidgeimas, Kijanskas, Mikuckis Silenas, Vaitkunas, Papsys, Spalvis Valskis, Cerniauskas.