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the doctrines of a monotheistic religion founded in northern India in the 16th century by Guru Nanak and combining elements of Hinduism and Islam

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It is for this reason that Basics of Sikhi have dispatched two volunteers to help the local community engage with the Cyprian population about the Sikh religion," a statement said.
sonre as sokhean ni sikhi asi Farsi, koi mufat tenu na sikhasi mufat aj-kal kida chhota vi kam hovay, mufat, toon lokan noon ja-ke sikhanwen ki itbar tera meri baji wadi harami ay purey pindi di, sadi guru ay os noon pata chal-gia to phir mera unj-ee jeenra haram ker deli
Although the keeping of unshorn hair was mandated by Guru Gobind Singh as one of the Five Ks or five articles of faith, it has long been closely associated with Sikhism since the very beginning of Sikhi in 1469.
Hence, Sikhi commands us to seek a more potent and liberating spiritual or divine capital.
Sikhi o Neizvestnom Soldate [Lines on the Unknown Soldier] 1.
First of all my father, Sant Raja Singh, when he brought his daughter, he brought her into the courtyard to kill her; first of all he prayed, he did ardaas, saying sachche padshah, we have not allowed your sikhi to getstained, and in order to save it we are going to sacrifice our daughters, make them martyrs.