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(Norse mythology) wife of Loki

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The NCV 1600 was ordered by the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) and will replace her predecessor M/S Sigyn, which has been in service during the past 30 years.
Though both Loki and Pound do end up punished for their crimes, coincidentally, both are somehow spared the full extent of punishment (Loki's wife, Sigyn, holds a bowl over his eyes to keep the venom dripping from a giant snake's fangs from spilling into his eyes, while Pound was declared unfit to stand trial due to reason of insanity, spared the death penalty, and institutionalized in St.
The central narrative of Trojaner--the story that the doctor is working on in his study--is horrific enough: a young family, the classic unit of mother, father, and two children--all with the classic mythic Danish names of Tok, Sigyn, Balder, and Idun--sets out to visit grandparents who live in the forest, off an isolated, rarely traversed country lane.