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The Signa HDxt MR system also features expanded imaging visualization applications, including the following: AngioCard for vascular reporting and enhanced communication with schematics, images, and movies provided with reports for referring physicians; StarMap to assess iron deposition in the heart and liver with an automated scanning sequence; and Flow Analysis to quantify flow characteristics and provide graphic and numeric displays of flow and velocity data.
That was probably our single biggest network design challenge," says David Combs, Signa network consultant.
Last summer, my colleague Rory Carroll, a correspondent in Rome for The Guardian in England, took a trip to Signa, a village outside Florence, to hear an African priest, Father Athanase Seromba, explain to parishioners why the United Nations Tribunal for Rwanda sought his extradition on charges of genocide.
That's why companies like Amgen have state-of-the-art day-care centers and companies like Signa offer mammograms and yoga classes.
In 1970, Porter joined with five others to found Signa Corp.
2nd Place: Signa Chemistry-(Davis, CA) SiGNa Chemistry is an innovative chemicals company founded on the belief that advanced chemistries are essential to solve our world's most serious challenges.
In addition to the MR oncology suite, the SIGNA PET/MR, which has been commercially available in the U.
Signa aims to merge the two chains into a German department store group called Deutsche Warenhaus AG.
PESKY pigeons have ruf-f fled feathers at a Tyneside art exhibition by putting their own signa ture on an artist's work.
SeeNews) - May 15, 2013 - Austrian real estate group Signa Prime Selection AG said on Monday that the Haselsteiner family private foundation had bought a 5% stake in it from Rene Benko, deputy chairman of its supervisory board.
Washington, Oct 6 (ANI): Electric bikes may soon be able to go up to 60 miles without any pedalling, thanks to a new fuel cell system by the company SiGNa Chemistry, which uses a magic powder that nullifies the danger of having hydrogen stored next to your nether regions and can work even by urine.
ADPnews) - Dec 29, 2009 - Bank Austria said today it sold its Hyperion ImmobilienvermietungsgesmbH real estate company to Signa Holding, owned by Tyrolean real estate investor Rene Benko.
New York, NY-based advanced materials startup SiGNa Chemistry, LLC recently announced it has developed a product capable of generating "copious amounts of inexpensive, clean hydrogen" from water.
Signa York, 40, a personal trainer originally from Atlanta, has been married to John Ashdown, 43, a business development consultant, for a year.
LAS VEGAS -- Pedego[R], Electric Bikes and SiGNa Chemistry have developed an ultra-high-performance range extender for electric bicycles.