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German fortifications facing the Maginot Line

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In September 1944, Montgomery, now a field marshal, came up with the daring plan to drop British and American paratroopers behind enemy lines to surprise and outflank the Germans on the Siegfried Line and seize vitally strategic bridges in Holland.
n POPULAR songs of the year were: They will always be an England and We'll hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line.
Under the leadership of General Clarence Huebner, the 1st Division raced across France with Joe Collins's VII Corps, breached the Siegfried Line, and captured Aachen, the first major German city taken by the Allies.
Government and author of this book, and Charles MacDonald (The Siegfried Line Campaign, a volume in the Army's official WWII History series) point out.
Neil Short's HITLER'S SIEGFRIED LINE (9780750945011) surveys the huge wall of German defenses that was 300 miles long and in places up to 20 miles deep, providing in in-depth history and analysis in what is the first English guide to the line.
Chapters recount how the division was incorporated into General Patton's Third Army south of the Moselle-Saar Triangle, its first combat experience during the Battle of the Bulge which entailed heavy casualties from the fierce winter weather as well as the fighting, and its application in an all-out assault to break through the Siegfried Line against entrenched defenders.
We were gonna Hang Out the Washing on the Siegfried Line (Have you any dirty washing, mother dear) as radio comedians turned the Nazi monsters into figures of fun.
Woolford and Smillie became POWs and were detained and entertained at a Luftwaffe mess where sociable young men sang to them, "We're going to hang out our washing on the Siegfried Line.
Good for what it was, but it talked about Sherman tanks against dragon's teeth and pillboxes on the Siegfried Line.
Later at the Seine River, near the Siegfried Line, and when attacking the Bulge, Patton saw that a sweeping hook, rather than a head-on assault, might bring on a total collapse, but only if risks were taken and old plans ignored in light of new realities.
Lo, the Huertgen Forest, the Battle of the Bulge, and the Siegfried Line.
That's the division that broke through the Siegfried Line in World War II and liberated Dachau.
The fact is, Locke, that 60 years ago (in World War II) I was at the front of the line at the Battle for the Rhine, at the breaking of the Siegfried Line, the push into Nuremberg and the liberation of Dachau, a concentration camp near Munich.
Our glorious march from the Normandy Beach across France to where we stand, before and beyond the Siegfried Line, with the wreckage of the German Army behind us, should convince the most skeptical soldier that God has ridden with our banner.