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genus of woolly aromatic herbs or subshrubs or shrubs of Mediterranean region

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Its findings indicate the antioxidant and oxidative stress reduction capabilities, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and gastro-protective properties of the Sideritis plant as consumed in Greek mountain tea.
Bioactive-rich Sideritis scardica tea (mountain tea) is as potent as Camellia sinensis tea at inducing cellular antioxidant defences and preventing oxidative stress.
The genus Sideritis (Lamiaceae-subfamily Lamioideae) is represented by 46 species and 53 taxa in Turkey, 39 taxa being endemic (78.
The genus Sideritis is natural to west Anatolia and an important genus for its export capacity.
The aim of this study is to cultivate and of some endemic Sideritis species, and to compare the essential oil compositions between natural and cultivated plants, an economic asset to Turkey.
The seeds of Sideritis species were collected from the wild populations at various locations of Turkey.
As shown table 1, some agricultural and morphological characteristics of cultivated mountain tea plants measured, Sideritis congesta and Sideritis condensata; plant height 34.
As shown table 2, the essential oil ratio of the natural Sideritis congesta species was 0.
Essential oil composition of four turkish species of Sideritis.
Antioxidant Activity Studies on Selected Sideritis.
Composition of essential oils of Sideritis germanicopolitana.
Sideritis congesta Davis & Huber-Morath, Doga Bilim Dergisi, Seri c7: 163-168 (in Turkish).
Ahmet Gumuscu, Osman Tugay, Yuksel Kan; Comparison of essential oil compositions of some natural and cultivated endemic Sideritis species
II-2; Results of application of increasing levels of compost fertilizer to Sideritis montana L.
Influence of compost levels and suitable spacing on the productivity of Sideritis montana L.