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Synonyms for by-product

a secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence

a product made during the manufacture of something else

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A side product of the same enormously complex phenomenon of this attitude toward Western science is to translate the Qur'anic word for 'knowledge' ('ilm) as 'science', and to use the Qur'anic exhortations to the believers to gain knowledge as a command to acquire science and technology.
While other robots, like Sony's AIBO dog, are programmed to be cute by mimicking natural movements, the ATR robot's gracefulness is almost a side product of its main objective.
Also side product and waste transportations have decreased substantially as all the bark is used in sawmill s heat energy generation.
Primar, a double side product tanker, Camar, a double hull product tanker, and Colmar, a double side product tanker, have been signed to time charters for a period of six months at an average rate of more than $11,500 per day.
Today's online stores have evolved significantly, offering advances such as 360 degree views of products, customer reviews, side by side product comparisons, and extensive product information and specifications that often exceed what is available in a store or catalogue.
Vice Presidents of Product Development Barry Graubart and Kevin Black will head the Buy-side and Sell- side product lines, respectively.