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a dish that is served with, but is subordinate to, a main course

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The segment remains popular today: According to Chicago-based market research firm IRI, sales of frozen side dishes were more than $334 million in the past year, a 7.
30), crispy and deepfried in a light batter served with soy dipping sauce, served up on a bamboo - Looking like something sci-fi writer John Wyndham might have dreamed up, the crunchy batter nevertheless gave a perfect coating to the meaty crab, all perfectly delicious washed down with more Korean and Chinese The main menu was split into fairly clear sections - the Korean barbecue which you cook on your own hotplate at the table, and the food that comes ready cooked, including noodle and rice dishes, stir fries and side dishes We started with a shared barbecue dish, beef bulgogi (PS7.
Birds Eye will bring the existing Veg Fusions and Rice Fusions ranges under the Steamfresh platform, and also launch two brand new pasta side dishes with vegetables: Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta and and Creamy Cheese Penne Pasta with Broccoli and Peas.
It took him just 20 minutes to see off the steak and a further quarter of an hour to finish the side dishes before demolishing a dessert.
based supplier of refrigerated side dishes, salads and other foods.
With Alexia Select Sides, we're able to deliver premium, all-natural side dishes packed with the flavor of our herb-infused cooking oil and easily prepared in a skillet," says Michael Smith, brand director.
Our consumer research showed that people crave more variety, yet often treat side dishes as an after-thought," said Michael Smith, brand director at ConAgra Foods.
Low-fat vegetable side dishes will join the line-up this month to offer a wider choice to consumers watching their waistlines.
Over 150 recipes cover every aspect of a morning meal--cereals, muffins, breads, coffee cakes, pancakes, sandwiches, side dishes, spreads, entrees and desserts.
The cookbook, the latest of more than a dozen by Vollstedt, is 103 pages and includes recipes for meatloaf, other loaves and side dishes.
FREE SIDES BOOKLET: The Jennie-O Turkey Store folks are offering a free color brochure, Tune Up Turkey Side Dishes.
Beginning with a section of sound culinary advice called 'Tricks of the Trade', "Cooking For A Crowd" begins with an entree-based menu suggestion that lists the principle ingredients and cooking instructions for the main entree, plus the suggested side dishes and the page numbers within this cookbook that hold their individual recipes.
There are whole chapters devoted to Cuban oriented desserts, drinks, appetizers, soups, entrees, side dishes, and even backyard grilling.
The company's primary products are side dishes including numerous recipes of mash potatoes, mac and cheese, rice side dishes, fresh cut hash browns, diced potatoes, and private label products.
Soups, salads, side dishes, and pastas are easy to make vegan.