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a glancing blow from or on the side of something (especially motor vehicles)

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strike from the side

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Project Benefits: Eliminate the possibility of a head on or side swipe collision caused by an individual inadvertently throwing a switch in front of a train.
But Gregory could not resist a side swipe at Stan Collymore who was playing his first game against Villa since leaving the club for Leicester under a cloud last season.
The resulting seismic response will thus consist of a complicated diffraction pattern dominated by side swipe in 2D surveys.
Fatalities increased in some types of crashes, including those involving distracted drivers and in head-on or opposite direction side swipe crashes.
5 metre conveyor with drive and in-feed end side swipe transfer guiding speed minimum 1500 per hour
DELIGHTED new Blues president Carson Yeung could barely contain his glee as he swept into St Andrew's - and took a side swipe at departed David Sullivan.
RANGERS manager Walter Smith took a side swipe at Scotland boss George Burley after Kris Boyd's two goals took the striker's tally to six in seven starts this season.
Mrs Hart could not resist a side swipe at Westminster health minister Ben Bradshaw, a critic of the Assembly Government's free prescriptions and hospital car parking policies.
Concentrating on what he sees as the strength of the British economy, he still couldn't resist a side swipe of the Tories.
The first relates to the alleged appearance of black cats which apparently run across the road causing the pet-loving driver to swerve and, as a result, side swipe someone's parked Rolls Royce, clout a lamp post, or just do serious damage to their own vehicle.
He took a side swipe at competitors like Uno saying the group had won market share and that furniture retailing was 'quite a fashion business and sometimes you get it more right than others'.
Denmark manager Morten Olsen took a side swipe at England when he claimed: "I wish you good luck in the World Cup.
They even allowed a side swipe from a Mancunian telling us how much better his city is at culture, when the show was supposed to be about Liverpool after all.
The former England coach also took a side swipe at Graham Henry's 2001 party and their failure to spread the rugby gospel during their time in Australia.
Jeffrey was quick to praise McLaughlin for his heroics but still took a side swipe at the home side.