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a street intersecting a main street and terminating there

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They were left standing upon the corner, staring; down a side street there were two rows of brick houses, and between them a vista: half a dozen chimneys, tall as the tallest of buildings, touching the very sky--and leaping from them half a dozen columns of smoke, thick, oily, and black as night.
This they crossed to a passageway beyond, and, finally, traversing several rooms and corridors, he led them down a flight of steps to a door which opened directly upon a side street in rear of the palace.
Tenders are invited for Construction of Street with IPB from Hanuman Murti to last of Street H/o Kumar, Street of Satish Suralia to 33 Feet Road, side Street of Kabir Properties and other side streets in Shayam Vihar and New Anand Vihar on Kemari Road in Hisar Constituency in Ward No.
We are seeing more top tier designers choosing well-positioned side streets for their flagships," said Garry Steinberg, managing director at Lee & Associates NYC, who is marketing the two-tsory space with Richard Kave, and JP Sutro.
They speed up when they see you trying to get out of your driveway or side street, they ride your bumper down to Route I-190, they block the side streets when the traffic is heavy (they won't let you out).
The latest review of the Portas Pilots - a scheme driven by retail guru Mary Portas to revive struggling high streets - says there will be talks over six months on further relaxing planning regulations to allow the conversion of retail space on side streets to residential property.
Not for many years have the main roads been so methodically cleared in the villages, let alone the side streets and cul de sacs.
Still the crowd kept pouring in and when the clock in the city hall boomed nine, every point of vantage along the line of march was taken, while the late comers who kept arriving by the hundreds surged aimlessly up and down the narrow spaces available or wandered along side streets seeking for some place where they might squeeze in and witness the parade.
In order to survive, or find a bargain, retailers are getting creative and looking in less popular neighborhoods, or on side streets, according to the Wall Street Journal.
When police spotted Muir in Dundee and ordered him to pull over he darted down a side street - before starting a chase at up to 60mph round a series of narrow side streets filled with pedestrians.
It is defined as a thoroughfare where the left-hand turns from side streets are re-routed, as is traffic from side streets that needs to cross the thoroughfare.
Wardens focus on easy targets in city side streets, arrive on their scooters, issue pounds 60 tickets and disappear.
His goal was widely diffused wealth, including Main Street and all the side streets.
These are mostly side streets which up to the time of writing have not yet been treated by the county councils.
Nothing is done for smooth city traffic flow on the congested Pershore Road, the horrendous Belgrave Road island and joining Bristol Road lights, just easy pickings in quiet city side streets are their targets.