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Synonyms for side effect

a secondary and usually adverse effect of a drug or therapy

any adverse and unwanted secondary effect

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They were asked about their expectation for who should monitor ADT side effects (participants were given the choice of "specialist, PCP, both, or other.
Inside every pack of medication is a patient information leaflet that contains a list of potential side effects.
To clear some of the haze surrounding side effects, scientists from Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital Boston created a network linking 809 medications to 852 side effects known as of 2005.
The investigators found no significant differences between the two formulations in participants' expectations or experience of physical or sexual side effects.
The highest number of side effects was in survivors with hematologic, head and neck, lung, alimentary, gynecologic, and breast cancers.
Women's Network for Unity protested the tenofovir trial at a press conference in Phnom Perth on March 29, 2004, because the trial does not include insurance to treat drug side effects that may continue after the trial.
NIHCM also reports that since the FDA relaxed ad regulations in 1997, at least 45 drug ads have been issued "notices of violation" for failing to be accurate and disclose side effects.
Eloxatin can have a toxic effect on nerve endings that may result in either an acute or cumulative pattern of side effects.
When treatment includes radiation and chemotherapy the side effects can cause nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.
These include its high degree of specificity for the neuromuscular junction, its ability to induce temporary and reversible denervation, and its limited degree of side effects and complications.
To reduce the number of medication side effects reported by your patients, make sure you warn them in advance about potential problems, advise researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, and San Francisco General Hospital.
Although side effects from the flu shot are slight for most people, some soreness, redness, or swelling may occur on the arm where the shot was given.
Side effects from shots are usually mild and last a short time.
However, these therapies are occasionally associated with harmful side effects ranging from mild to severe.