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March 6:National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Accident and Sickness Insurance Minimum Standards Subgroup, conference call.
This ended in December of 1942 when the Franco dictatorship implemented mandatory sickness insurance because it desired to increase the state's control over workers.
The India Network Accident and Sickness Insurance programme is underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company, United States.
He had personal accident and sickness insurance, but his claim was rejected by his insurers, sparking a legal challenge.
The French government had planned a tax aid to insurers for certain supplementary sickness insurance cover, but the EU ruled that such aid was against state aid rules.
The programme includes travel, academic fees for the full term, accident and sickness insurance, accommodation and a monthly allowance.
If the sick spell is due to a recurrent disease, it can be compensated by sickness insurance from the first day.
She had no company sick pay, no sickness insurance in place on her new mortgage, and was dismayed to find out she didn't qualify for anything other than pounds 62 per week in benefits.
According to that narrative, the United States would have adopted this enlightened approach to sickness insurance around the turn of the last century if it had not been for the opposition of business and the shortsightedness of many workers.
In the progressive era at the beginning of the twentieth century, reformers with an interest in labor legislation understood what we now call health insurance to be something called sickness insurance.
But my bank say I cannot claim on my sickness insurance policy to cover the payments if I rent the place out.
Although much less familiar in the North American context, sickness insurance is a central social insurance program with a long history in many European nations.
The Finnish Sickness Insurance Act provides for partly or entirely reimbursed medications for chronic conditions, including rheumatic diseases.
His application for reimbursement of the expenses incurred ([pounds sterling]13,600, or around 20,000) was turned down by his sickness insurance fund.
Compared with other OECD countries, sickness insurance is both generous and easy to get.