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Synonyms for sibyl

a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

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a woman who tells fortunes

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Dempsey demonstrates that the sibyls were an abiding interest in northern Italy in the early stages of the Renaissance.
The costumes of Baldini's sibyls are carefully individuated, for example, as Dempsey shows--but is it really possible to link them to those worn by the sacre rappresentazioni players, when contemporary descriptions of players' costumes are schematic and inventories suggestive but rarely conclusive?
To complete his often complex argument concerning the influence and significance of the Orsini palace images, Dempsey has added an appendix in which the series of twelve sibyls is reconstructed with their verses, illuminated by the Baldini engravings which appear on the pages facing the poems.
On one of the stops along the journey with Pantagruel's tutor Epistemon, Panurge endeavors to consult the Sibyl of Panzoust (TL 16-8), a most unlikely and uncomely seer who marks the text with a singularity that points to more than just an answer to Panurge's question.
At the same time, in the first of her novels to appear after the deaths of her husband and Byron (in 1822 and 1824, respectively), Shelley surpasses her contemporaries by restoring the Sibyl, a prophetic female voice from Western antiquity, as a principal vatic authority.
Mme de Stael characterizes her genius as both male and female (heterogamous) at the moments when Corinne acts as both prophet and sibyl.
The biblical characters and the prophets and sibyls of the ceiling, and the saints, angels, and mortals of the Last Judgement, all have the powerful muscular bodies more usually associated with Greek and Roman gods, heroes, and athletes than with figures from Christian history.
20) In this environment, Spenser, who has Merlin prophesy in Book III and whose apocalyptic concerns in Book V of the Faerie Queene and elsewhere are well documented,(21) could hardly have remained uninterested in the Sibyls.
When the doors are closed, twelve separate sections show the prediction of salvation, prophets, sibyls, Gabriel and the virgin Mary, St.
Many meet regularly as part of a secret group called Sibyls and hold private church services wearing women's clothes.
1942), a "minor" poet known only from a single volume, The Rains, My Friends (1968), constitute Voices of Sibyls, a slim anthology of poems for the American reader.
Meanwhile, the Sibyl herself engendered a series of female successors--sibyls and fate--whose power over happenstance corresponds to the word-origin of their name, which comes from the Latin fatum, i.
From the late 4th century the number of sibyls was multiplied; they were traditionally located at all the famous oracle centers and elsewhere, particularly in association with Apollo, and were distinguished by individual names, "sibyl" being treated as a title.
There were a number of sibyls, and they had their seats in widely separate parts of the world: Greece, Italy, Babylonia, Egypt, etc.
Sibyls, Scriptures, and Scrolls: John Collins at Seventy; 2 volume set