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Synonyms for shutter

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a mechanical device on a camera that opens and closes to control the time of a photographic exposure

a hinged blind for a window

close with shutters

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It is fast, and apart from the shutter lag and the large footprint, it seemed like a smooth device.
0-megapixel with Auto-focus, Flash & Shutter Lag with BIS sensorFront:2.
Shutter lag can be a slight issue if you are trying to take a picture of a moving object in dim light.
Apart from this, the camera app is really fast, without any shutter lag or other performance issues.
0-megapixel Auto-focus, HDR, Flash & Shutter Lag with BSI sensorFront:2.
With an advanced 8-megapixel camera with LED flash and zero shutter lag and a 1.
Focusing on the Moto G was easy and quite fast, while there is a slight shutter lag, the pictures look in-focus in most of the situations.
0-megapixel with LED flash, HDR, Flash & Shutter Lag with BSI sensor, full HD video recording, which is still more than enough for any normal user or amateur photographer to snap a good photo.
Galaxy Nexus has a full-featured 5-megapixel camera with automatic focus and 1080p video capture, top-notch, low-light performance and zero shutter lag.
There is a bit of shutter lag and honestly we expected a bit more out of a phablet worth Rs.
The powerful combination of BSI and high-speed architecture enable a new class of ultra-responsive cameras with excellent low light performance and uncompromised bright light performance to capture images with zero shutter lag and suppressed rolling shutter artifacts.
There isn't a lot of shutter lag and the quality of pictures is very much acceptable.
0-megapixel main camera (with BSI sensor, Smart stabilizations, LED flash (high CRI), auto-focus, zero shutter lag, full HD video recording) and a 2.
Main(Rear) : 5 MP AF with LED Flash with zero shutter lag and fast shot2shot
According to Google, the update "improves the camera with faster focusing, especially in low light, (allows) for faster white balancing, for truer colors, (brings in) the ability to pinch-zoom the viewfinder in HDR+ mode and also (allows for) less shutter lag.