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English writer who settled in Norway after World War II (1899-1960)

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It is to be assumed that this was not the first time that Mr Shute had made one of a trio in these circumstances, for the swift dexterity with which he lost Arthur was certainly not that of a novice.
Secretly she was beginning to be somewhat afraid of Mr Shute.
My observation was,' explained Mr Shute, coldly, 'that, judging from appearances, that dough-faced lemon was Willie-boy, the first and only love.
The necessity of having to be careful about the nap prevented Mr Shute from doing himself complete justice.
Mr Shute took off his hat, smoothed it, replaced it with extreme care, and turned his attention to the new-comer.
Mr Shute removed his hat again and gave it another brush.
Compared with the blows Mr Shute was wont to receive in the exercise of his profession, Arthur's was a gentle tap.
And it was at this precise moment, just as the two spectators, reinforced now by eleven other men of sporting tastes, were congratulating themselves on their acumen in having stopped to watch, that Police-Constable Robert Bryce, intruding fourteen stones of bone and muscle between the combatants, addressed to Mr Shute these memorable words: ''Ullo, 'ullo
And as for you,' he said, addressing Mr Shute, 'all you've got to do is to keep that face of yours closed.
Arthur, luckier than Mr Shute, was not hampered by a too small silk hat.
Demolition works on the $22 million Shute Harbour restoration project in the Whitsundays will begin this month following the damage caused by Severe Tropical Cyclone (STC) Debbie.
Shute was taken to the Perry County Jail on $1,500 cash bail.
Cassie's life takes an even darker turn after Anders Shute, the emergency room doctor who cared for her dog bite, begins a relationship with her widowed mother.
Former neighbour Andy Shute said: "The gentleman was quite a hoarder, and had stacks of newspapers in the house.
General Shute, a regular army martinet, was not well liked: The General inspecting the trenches exclaimed with a horrified shout, "I refuse to command a Division Which leaves its excreta about.