Shumard red oak

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large deciduous red oak of southern and eastern United States having large seven-lobed to nine-lobed elliptical leaves, large acorns and medium hard coarse-grained wood

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Related species known as southern red oak, Spanish oak, swamp red oak, cherrybark oak and shumard red oak.
We placed 1 g of leaves from Shumard red oaks (Quercus shumardii) in 50 ml of distilled water and then into indirect sunlight for 4 months to approximate natural conditions where water in ephemeral pools becomes tannic.
We found five species of land snails (Anguispira stronglyodes, Mesodon thyroidus, Mesomphix friabilis, Olygyra orbiculata, and Rabdotus dealbatus) around margins of, and in, dried ephemeral pools with leaf litter dominated by Shumard red oaks.