Shrove Tuesday

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the last day before Lent

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Pancake Day actually out dates the Christian Shrove Tuesday.
Visitors to Durham Cathedral on Shrove Tuesday, February 17, will be able to sample Thacker's Georgian recipe, as well as black cherry pancakes made to order by head chef Julie Barlow.
Shrove Tuesday must always must always T fall 47 days before Easter Sunday.
It is believed that way back in the 1400s a woman, busy cooking at home, was late for the Shrove Tuesday church service.
On Shrove Tuesday in the UK we will eat an average of two pancakes per person, which is 117 million pancakes on one day.
3 SHROVE Tuesday is also known by other names around the world, including Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras.
IT'S that time of year again when we look forward to tucking into tasty pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.
It is also famous for the Atherstone Ball Game, which has been held annually on Shrove Tuesday for 800 years and involves crowds of men charging through the streets after a giant ball in a no-holds barred contest.
Whip up a batch of crisp pancakes on Shrove Tuesday
So, turkey on Shrove Tuesday at Jamie's house, is it?
Andrew's Episcopal Church and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church - Two congregations will join together to host a Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner from 5 p.
Flour supplier McDougalls predicted just two out of 10 families would make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.
The Cardiff Mardi Gras (fat Tuesday) is a perversion of the traditional Shrove Tuesday celebration preceding the period of Lent - a religious festival.
TUESDAY Grab your frying pan for the Shrove Tuesday Pancake race at Sway Manor Hotel in Lymington, Hants.
SAUGUS - A Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner will be held at 6 p.