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Synonyms for showstopper

an act so striking or impressive that the show must be delayed until the audience quiets down

something that is strikingly attractive or has great popular appeal

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Also, it was their very first walk as showstoppers for Lakme Fashion Week.
Reema's showstopper, Mira Sethi, wore a lovely gold/silvery shirt with a velvet, plum lengha.
That unknowingly started the trend of showstoppers and the front row.
In a thrilling final, ShowStoppers came back from a goal down to beat Marina FC 3-1 and take the coveted trophy.
Some might argue that Comet Hale-Bopp or Comet Bennett should be considered showstoppers as opposed to showpieces.
Dave Leon, partner, ShowStoppers, said: "We are building the event to include product demos and personal conversations that drive media coverage.
Fresh from a residency at London's Charing Cross Theatre and a fifth Edinburgh Fringe season in 2012, The Showstoppers are touring the UK.
The Showstoppers then create a musical from scratch based around that structure.
LEOMINSTER - The Pro-Athletics Showstoppers, a local cheerleading team, was awarded one of two $5,000 grand prizes in the inaugural Degree Girl Varsity Awards at a ceremony on Dec.
THE sensational Showstoppers pulled off a last-gasp, title-deciding victory against Olympique De Bahrain (ODB) in the climax to the thrilling seven-aside Bahrain Friendly Winter Football League.
Children from the school choirs, 'Upbeat' and 'Singing Stars' performed Showstoppers - an evening of songs from West End and Broadway favourites.
Their two-night Not So Showstoppers is a good idea by Dexter Whitehead.
Since October 2003, we've been able to stand this port up and move cargo without any showstoppers because of the support we receive from port officials.
Showstoppers among the stars were 89-year-young Fayard Nicholas dancing with his thirtysomething wife; the still-tall and elegant Cyd Charisse receiving the Movado Dance Award; and Busby Berkeley bathing beauty Esther Williams, still recovering from a broken ankle that doctors said would keep her off her feel forever.
The showstoppers captured by the new camera include a portrait of the Tadpole, a spiral galaxy that once collided with an intruder and now has a 280,000-light-yearlong streamer of stars and gas.