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a curtain that keeps water from splashing out of the shower area

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The wholesale Bathware company also donated 190 commercial-grade vinyl shower curtains which are staph-resistant, mold & mildew resistant, and flame retardant.
Establishing a polished look in the bathroom is as simple as sewing a statement shower curtain and embellishing ready-made towels.
Most often, a simple change of shower curtain or fixtures, can already give your bathroom a whole new look.
The Trust requires a suitably qualified contractor to provide Disposable curtains, shower curtains and associated services across various sites at Guy~s & St.
Stake the shower curtain to the ground, and Cover with mulch and attractive potted plants.
Cameron organic-cotton matelasse shower curtain from Pottery Barn; use with Pottery Barn's phthalate-free EVA vinyl shower curtain liner (curtain, $99; liner, $12; potterybarn.
99 for the bath towels to $39 for certain shower curtains and bath accessories.
Q I HAVE a shower curtain which I bought from The Range in Cardiff about 10 years ago.
These aren't just any shower curtains, these are Marks and Spencer's shower curtains.
It hardly rises to the level of Dennis Kozlowski's toga parties or the notorious $6,000 shower curtains, not to mention the use of company jets, Knicks courtside season tickets or daily fresh cut flowers for his New York apartment bestowed upon Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, parent company of CNBC.
They're festooned on everything from plates to pillows, bedspreads to shower curtains.
Vinyl shower curtains, cable, wire, and flooring are examples of flexible PVC products that can contain phthalates.
1 plastic 3-gallon lawn/garden sprayer (should cost under $20) 2 vinyl shower curtains About 20 plastic shower curtain rings
Postcraft Company is a leading manufacturer of mattress covers, shower curtains, and pillow covers designed to reduce replacement costs and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment.
Researchers have found that shower curtains are home to loads of bacteria that may cause disease.