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Synonyms for scapula

either of two flat triangular bones one on each side of the shoulder in human beings

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Watch the hoof carefully as you push on the shoulderblade.
Her pelvis was fractured in four places, her right thigh and shoulderblade broken and her collarbone fractured.
Here it may be few wishes matter, beyond the one - that I might sleep the whole of each of these Remaining nights in the small field bounded by your body and, beached against Your heartbeat, heal from the mild weariness of our meandering walks To waken with my mouth against your shoulderblade, my hand dreaming In yours, tasting the salt on your skin as I wonder, drowsing down again Into a mist of my own breathing in your long back's hollow, just how long it may be before Our bodies articulate, for one day more, something like wakefulness.
Matej Kus is a confirmed starter for the Bears for the first time since breaking his collarbone and shoulderblade during a Test match for the Czech Republic in mid-June.
Dickin is recovering in the Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry, after breaking two vertebrae and a shoulderblade in a gallops accident at his stable near Stratford-upon-Avon on Wednesday.
Czech international Matej Kus is again sidelined by a broken shoulderblade and collarbone tonight.
The 56-year-old said he may miss the rest of the Flat season after breaking a collarbone, shoulderblade and six ribs when he was slammed into the front gate of the stalls at Leicester by the Willie Musson-trained Emeebee.
He has confirmed he's fit to return from a broken shoulderblade and collarbone tonight, while Micky Dyer will also be in action after voicing fears he may have to rest because of a painful hip injury.
Speaking from hospital yesterday, Dyble said: "I've broken six ribs and fractured a collarbone and shoulderblade.
We've now discovered he broke his collarbone as well as his shoulderblade so we want to make sure he's completely ready to come back.
The Danish star has not ridden since breaking a shoulderblade in the Practical Car and Van Rental Bears' Premier League match at Sheffield a month ago.
ITH pride, Marcus Tregoning shows off Sir Percy in his box at Kingwood House, but immediately the unbeaten colt takes a nip at his right shoulderblade.
No 1 Ulrich Ostergaard is still not fit to return from a broken shoulderblade so Glasgow's former Bear of the Year James Grieves makes a welcome return as a guest tonight.