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someone who transmits a message


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any agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease

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The Zeesen shortwave transmitter appears in retrospect to have been the interface that transferred the anti-Semitic ideology to the Arab world and linked early Arab Islamism with late National Socialismzism.
By the mid-1950s, conservative religious broadcasters had established sixteen radio beachheads on medium wave and shortwave transmitters in the major regions of the Global South (Central and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, sub-Saharan and North Africa), as well as in Europe.
It had a 75,000-watt transmitter, 50 percent above its licensed limit and the largest shortwave transmitter operating in the nation at the time .
Last year, the station started a regular DRM broadcast from one of its high-power shortwave transmitter located at Khampur near Delhi and this year it acquired two high-power mediumwave DRM transmitters.
A Zenith shortwave transmitter was installed on the Bowdoin, and three Loening Amphibian (model OL-2) aircraft would be crated and transported north on the Peary.
Contract notice: Creation of six 10kw - shortwave transmitter systems on weather radio transmitter pinneberg.