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Synonyms for shorthand

a method of writing rapidly

written in abbreviated or symbolic form

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Generated diagrams clarify project intentions, and are reductive, isolating essential project issues for the purpose of clarifying and communicating critical ideas in short hand.
Short hand note book,Stapler Machine,Stapler Machine Lever Type
The name, Dx-PRN, is medical short hand for "diagnosis when needed.
Tenders are invited for Supply of stationery items A4 size Photostat paper A4 size Photostat paper, a) 70 gsm (Bilt/Kores/JK) b)75 gsm (Bilt/Kores/JK), FS Size Photostat paper a) 70 gsm (Bilt/Kores/JK), b) 75 gsm (Bilt/Kores/JK), A3 size Photostat paper a) 70 gsm (Bilt/Kores/JK), A-4 Size paper 75 gsm in following colors: Pink Yellow /Grey Green, Short hand note book small, Short hand note book large, Ball Pens (Blue, Red, Black, Green) Gel Pens (Blue, Red, Black, Green) Correcting fluid Correction pen