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Kolkata: The familiar scenes of commuters arguing with conductors in Kolkata buses over short change may soon be a thing of past as the bus operators have now hit upon the idea of handing out coupons, or "due slips" with holograms, in lieu of change.
Short Change, who had recorded his only previous victory over this course and distance, had been knocking on the door with a couple of recent placed efforts at the track, and Carroll said: "The race didn't pan out for him in an amateur riders' event last time, and while he has to be handy, Darryl didn't panic when he was taken on tonight.
DARRYLL HOLLAND took the riding honours with a double on Alsafi in the mile maiden and Short Change in the mile-and-a-half handicap, writes Neil Morrice.
He'll take up a more central role on The Clothes Show and continue to star in drama Dangerfield, as well as present consumer programme Short Change.
A series of surveys commissioned by CBBC's consumer programme Short Change has revealed some interesting results.
We are outraged by the attempts to short change local governments, which offer the best form of direct government service to Californians.
In this case it is a story of a business man who can't seem to get done at work what needs to be done which means that he short changes his family which means that he short changes himself which means he's in need of someone who can provide enlightenment to a better way which means that in this case the person with The Knowledge is a circus ringmaster which leads to the conceit for this book.