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street that serves as a principal thoroughfare for traffic in a town


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This time it is the Park House development on London's premier shopping thoroughfare Oxford Street, acquired from Land Securities
Other exhibition sites include iconic locations such as City Hall, the stage for many historic events associated with Singapore's nationhood; public spaces along the shopping thoroughfare Orchard Road; public housing; and Tanglin Camp, a cluster of colonial buildings that previously housed major departments of the Ministry of Defence.
The sale of the toy in Belfast's main shopping thoroughfare came despite a government ban after a number of incidents when the rubber cord, which stretches to about 8ft, became wound round children's necks.
In Los Angeles, merchants along Broadway, a main shopping thoroughfare for Latinos, reported a drop in sales of 30 to 80 percent.
Before noon, Cadillac and Lexus limousines with red roses taped over the hood and tinsel-like streamers in tow cruised Huaihai Road, Shanghai's major shopping thoroughfare, as if to celebrate an unbridled enthusiasm for the day's activities.
The Katonah properties are located in the main shopping thoroughfare in downtown Katonah, walking distance from the Metro North Commuter Railroad station and in close proximity to Interstate 684, a major commuter highway.
A major new civic and shopping thoroughfare was created which boasted leading stores such as Lewis's and impressive public buildings like the Victoria Law Courts; yet, and as with similar improvement schemes elsewhere in the country, this development that benefitted the middle class was paid for by the destruction of poorer workingclass neighbourhoods.
Halliday is sure bringing rail and bus passengers into a new centre of Union Street will revive the flagging fortunes of the once proud but now dowdy shopping thoroughfare.
An investigation by RTE's Consumer Show has found customers on our main shopping thoroughfare - Dublin's Grafton Street - are shelling out far more for the same products than shoppers on London's Oxford Street.
Middles Farm Village is in South Stanley Close, a short distance from Front Street which houses the main shopping thoroughfare.
Kirklees Council has invested heavily in the town's current market and market hall and the Town Team wants to lift the old Market Place, still a main shopping thoroughfare.
Pedestrianised Calle Loiola, running north from Catedral del Buen Pastor, is the main shopping thoroughfare.
Security was tight, with book buyers - who appeared to outnumber the protesters by about two to one - told to hand over bags and mobile phones before entering Eason's bookstore on O'Connell Street, Dublin's main shopping thoroughfare.