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someone who visits stores in search of articles to buy

a commercial agent who shops at the competitor's store in order to compare their prices and merchandise with those of the store that employs her

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One way to further this goal is to develop a growing number of best shoppers and serve these shoppers well by capturing long-term, ideally lifetime, purchases and loyalty.
Shopper behavior is still limited by yesterday's perceptions of "deli"; retailers haven't fully translated their intentions into shoppers' perceptions.
For every dollar spent, 15 Shoppers Optimum Points will be awarded for using the credit card and 10 points for using the Shoppers Online Card.
She said she's surprised by how many celebrities pop in to the outlets, in addition to the crowds of shoppers who would like to dress like celebrities.
Though there's a minimal fee, which varies depending on an item's value, shoppers have up to a year to pay the bills off.
Financially, loyal shoppers bring consistent business to their favorite retailers by spending 30 percent more than other shoppers on each trip.
While some shoppers turned around after speaking with striking workers, others continued undeterred.
The ``Shhh, Private Sale'' promotion at Bloomingdale's offers 20 percent off to shoppers spending $500 or more.
However, the Northeast continues to dominate when it comes to deli shoppers.
Sparing harried shoppers the agony of trying to find a parking spot in an overcrowded lot, only to endure long lines at the check stand, a new online service from Vons will now deliver groceries to a customer's front door in a matter of hours.
Shoppers have responded favorably to changes-whether value-oriented or upscale-in the bakery and deli.