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a form of whist in which players avoid winning tricks containing hearts or the queen of spades

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Artist and filmmaker Ian Emes will be giving a public talk titled Shooting the Moon at Birmingham City University's Parkside Building on Wednesday
To register your free place at Shooting the Moon at Birmingham City University's Parkside Building, Cardigan Street, on December 11, from 6.
If you've succeeded in shooting the Moon at "prime focus," try increasing the power to frame just portions of the Moon.
But here's the downside of shooting the moon successfully: it leaves the other players so burned that it becomes even more difficult to shoot again.
Shooting the Moon has to do with photography, war, brothers and sisters.
Of the half-dozen or so books published over the past decade detailing the build-up to the invasion, Shooting the Moon is by far the most gung-ho.
Shooting the Moon, by David Harris, recounts the efforts by drug enforcement agents to build a case against Noriega--a campaign that culminated with 20,000 American troops being dispatched to Panama to haul "Pineapple Face" to prison.
If you are set on trying to shooting the eclipse with a smartphone, get the necessary accessories and camera-control apps well before the event and learn to use them by shooting the Moon or Sun (with an appropriate solar filter) ahead of time.
When it comes to shooting the moon and the stars, the subject to camera distance is infinity, so simply turn the focus ring to the infinity setting and lock it there.
The Tall Ships Festival is part of the Barry Waterfront Festival which this year will feature live music on both days with performances from a host of local bands, including Brother Steve, The Relics, Shooting the Moon and Too Toned on Saturday and Big Mac's Wholly Soul Band, Blues Central and Wonderbrass on the Sunday.
Dad-of-three Mark Maddox, 39, from Tuebrook, and his band, ironically titled 'Last of a dying breed' will publish their first album, Shooting the Moon later this month.
ZWOptical's ASI 1600MC-Cool camera is a versatile, 16-megapixel, one-shot-color camera that is as comfortable shooting the Moon as it is the faintest nebulae.