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a form of whist in which players avoid winning tricks containing hearts or the queen of spades

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Dowell is an experienced storyteller and she balances the serious nature of Shooting the Moon with the normal foibles of a 12-year-old.
One of the few really instructive bits in Shooting the Moon is when Harris recounts a conversation between Noriega and a couple of U.
Shooting the Moon, by David Harris, recounts the efforts by drug enforcement agents to build a case against Noriega--a campaign that culminated with 20,000 American troops being dispatched to Panama to haul "Pineapple Face" to prison.
The Tall Ships Festival is part of the Barry Waterfront Festival which this year will feature live music on both days with performances from a host of local bands, including Brother Steve, The Relics, Shooting the Moon and Too Toned on Saturday and Big Mac's Wholly Soul Band, Blues Central and Wonderbrass on the Sunday.
Dad-of-three Mark Maddox, 39, from Tuebrook, and his band, ironically titled 'Last of a dying breed' will publish their first album, Shooting the Moon later this month.
The festival features a live music stage with performances from Brother Steve, The Relics, Shooting the Moon, The Vanities, The Motive and The Gallery today.
BARRY Rock and blues fans should head to Victoria Park, Cadoxton, from 1pm on Saturday and Sunday, to be entertained by the likes of Padded Cell, Blues Central and Shooting the Moon.
Passionate songs such as Listen To You Love, Lean Into The Fall and Shooting The Moon which swell and burst into gargantuan choruses are surely primed and ready to fly into the nation's consciousness.