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a streak of light in the sky at night that results when a meteoroid hits the earth's atmosphere and air friction causes the meteoroid to melt or vaporize or explode

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THIS week provides us with yet another chance to observe a cosmic firework display of shooting stars - the Leonid meteor shower.
HUNDREDS of shooting stars were spotted in the night skies above the UK as the annual Perseids meteor shower peaked.
STAR-GAZERS in the West Midlands caught sight of hundreds of shooting stars in night skies above the region as the annual Perseid meteor shower peaked early yesterday.
David Moore of Astronomy Ireland said up to 20 times more shooting stars were expected to jet across the heavens after dark this year.
HUNDREDS of shooting stars will be streaking across the night sky this weekend.
The meteor shower also known as shooting stars will peak on the night of 21 and 22 April.
It is the first new work from the pair since sitcom Shooting Stars came to an end in 2011.
Large swathes of the UK enjoyed good views of the shooting stars, with Surrey based Queen guitarist and keen astronomer Brian May tweeting: "It's very beautiful".
Slava Volman, owner of Shooting Stars Daycare, comments on the new technology and how it can benefit all parties involved.
Another burst of shooting stars (Geminids) blazes into view on December 13.
Shooting Stars (BBC Two Wales, tomorrow, 10pm) * GOD bless Vic and Bob, they're proper smart an' that.
Summary: A glorious display of hundreds of shooting stars is set to light up the winter sky as Earth encounters the Geminid meteor shower.
IWATCHED the relaunch of Shooting Stars with a teenager who had not seen the series before.
It's 15 years since Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer turned television comedy inside out with their game show Shooting Stars.
dagger][dagger] COX, Michele Sammy Joins the Shooting Stars 127pp ISBN 9781869507411 SCIS 1400125; Way to play, Sammy