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the shoemaker's trade

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The society has earlier sent 15 thousand shoes to the country with the collaboration of a chamber of shoe makers in the capital, Ankara.
In 1841 we find professions as diverse as bakers, blacksmiths, boot and shoe makers, actors, gun and pistol makers, bellows makers, boiler makers and bone dealers.
The shirt and shoe makers around Craig-y-Don are particular favourites for men's fashions and the seemingly insatiable appetite for Italianate styles of footwear and cottonwear - two-tone block colours are a big winner this winter by the way - is well served here.
This year there are shoe makers, toy companies and real-estate firms.
Adidas has an exclusive contract with the German team to supply shoes, but this deal conflicts with the players' personal contracts with other shoe makers.
Together they run a shoe makers store and we quickly learn that their mother has passed away.
Across Europe, Asia and the US, the market in retro fashions is booming, helping sports shoe makers defy the tough trading environment.
Researchers found that dimensional-stability and surface improvements desired by shoe makers can best be achieved by combining two different surfactant chemistries.
The horses were destined for shoe makers in Japan and dining tables in France until Linda Moss bought them at auction or stock yard and moved them to Equus Sanctuary, a retirement community for horses.
ONE of Britain's oldest shoe makers - Newbold of Leicestershire - is to close with the loss of 440 jobs.
Shoe makers are increasingly offshoring their production to lower-cost countries, and cheap imports will satisfy a growing proportion of domestic demand.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Shoe Makers And Leather Goods Makers Tool Kit
There were 10 boot and shoe makers, for instance; seven butchers, five cabinet makers, carpenters and joiners, 22 fancy good manufacturers, seven tailors, and no fewer than 45 woollen manufacturers.
In the feature pages you can join Charlotte d'Amboise on her Broadway roller coaster ride, admire the energy and versatility of the Hubbard Street dancers in Chicago, and be a fly on the wall when ballerinas meet their pointe shoe makers.