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popular child actress of the 1930's (born in 1928)

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Melissa Gilbert, a former child star herself, developed a friendship with Shirley Temple Black
BIRTHDAYS: Shirley Temple Black (pictured), former child star and actress, 85; Lee Majors, actor, 74; James Russo, actor, 60; Judy Davis, actress, 58; John Hannah, actor, 51; John Cena, actor/professional wrestler, 36; Lady Gabriella Windsor, daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, 32; Dev Patel, actor, 23.
BIRTHDAYS Shirley Temple Black, former child star and actress, 83 Lee Majors, actor 72 James Russo, actor, 58 Judy Davis, actress, 56 John Hannah, actor 49 Lady Gabriella Windsor, daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, 30.
The Queen, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, actress-turned-diplomat Shirley Temple Black, playwright William Shakepeare and former Russian leader Lenin all have their birthdays this week
Hacker arrived in Bratislava to reopen the consulate and the building was formally rededicated on May 27, 1991, with the participation of Senator Pell and Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, Shirley Temple Black.
Happy B-Day, Good Ship Lollipop: Shirley Temple Black, former child mega-star and United Nations ambassador, has turned 80.
The book offers glimpses into fascinating personalities of the past half-century, from movie stars Shirley Temple Black and Joan Crawford to such business-world figures as Edward Bernays, the "father of public relations," Dan Haughton of Lockheed, and many more.
Betty Ford, Happy Rockefeller, Shirley Temple Black, and many other women like them are living proof that there is life after breast cancer.
I am excited that these never-before-released films from my personal collection are now available for my fans," said Shirley Temple Black.
Shirley Temple Black was a credit to a profession that is so often discredited by the very people it elevates -- and often cruelly dismisses.
Her family released a statement saying: "We announce with great sadness that ambassador Shirley Temple Black, former Hollywood child star and forever 'America's little darling',' peacefully passed away at her Woodside, California, home from natural causes.
BIRTHDAYS: Shirley Temple Black, former child star, 82; Lee Majors, actor, 71; James Russo, actor, 57; Judy Davis (pictured), actress, 55; John Hannah, actor, 48.
6) Shirley Temple Black, actress and diplomat, was one of four grand marshals in the 1999 Rose Parade.
Birthdays: Shirley Temple Black, former child star, 79; Lee Majors, actor, 67; Judy Davis, actress, 52; John Hannah, actor, 45.