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a workplace where ships are built or repaired

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Indian ICICI Bank has launched bankruptcy proceeding against Western India Shipyard, a subsidiary ship repair yard of ABG Shipyard.
The service owns four public shipyards: Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Virginia; Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Maine; Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, Washington; and Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, Hawaii.
Our shipyard built its last vessel in 2006 - the Portsmouth shipyard closed in 2015.
KARACHI -- As many as two Landing Crafts Mechanized (LCM) constructed by Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KS and EW), were handed over to Pakistan Navy (PN), in a ceremony held on Monday at Karachi Shipyard.
Shipyards in France, Germany and Italy are doing just fine, building everything from modern warships to stateoftheartcruiseliners.
Ghannam said he looked at the shipyards in other countries as opportunities for co-operation, instead of competition.
Rousse Shipyard JSC has completed a BGN 60 M capital hike and has undergone a management reshuffle, the company announced.
Croatian shipyards are not oriented on low-cost strategy as Asian shipbuilders, they are using methods related to requests of customers that make each ship unique.
Each of the Navy's four public shipyards has plans that vary in the extent to which they address key elements of a federal comprehensive framework that GAO has previously identified as key principles of strategic planning.
The shipyards will produce commercial vessels, naval and coastguard ships and luxury yachts of up to 120 metres (394 feet) long.
61 workers have died due to various accidents at Tuzla Shipyards Zone since 2000.
But the Commission's dealings with the Polish shipyards are not over since a decision must be made on the fate of the privatised shipyard in Gdansk, for which it is also waiting for a restructuring plan.
Odense Steel Shipyard, headquartered in Odense, Denmark, comprises the shipyards Odense Steel Shipyard in Denmark, Baltija Shipbuilding Yard in Lithuania and Loksa Shipyard in Estonia.
And as more technology keeps finding its way aboard modern vessels, shipyards have had to keep up with these advances.
He said the completion of the project will reduce the country's dependence on foreign shipyards to build large ships.