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Synonyms for Shintoist

a believer in Shintoism

relating to or characteristic of Shintoism

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For example, a non-Japanese audience viewing Princess Mononoke can clearly read the symbolic beheading of the spirit of the forest in terms of globally circulating narratives of environmental destruction, whereas a Japanese audience are also likely to simultaneously engage here with specific allusions to kami, or gods, and Shintoist tenets of respecting and communing with nature's deities.
This is partially related to the Shintoist and Buddhist practices that most Japanese share (Allinson, 2003).
Today, most of the older trees surviving in many countries in the world are associated specifically with religious sanctuaries, temples, or churches, from the trees surrounding Shintoist temples in Japan to European yews (Taxus baccata) in British cemeteries.
In Japan, a realm of business practice onto itself, a curious mixture of Buddhist, Shintoist, and Confucian influences exists.
Some government policies also seem geared to placate ultranationalists: for example, using taxpayer money to sponsor the religious daijosai, the Shintoist Imperial Ascension ceremony, and insisting on rewriting textbooks to exonerate Japan from World War II atrocities.
Any religions remaining within this category were required to observe a number of Shintoist forms.
This lifestyle according to which a Japanese could be born a Shintoist and die a Buddhist made Western interpreters (23) consider the respective behavior a sort of religious indifference ("une sorte d'indifference religieuse"), and some Japanese, who would later become Aum members, confess the threat felt in this respect: "Aum's finished as a religion.
Financed mostly by American sources, the sects range from Biblical Evangelical fundamentalists to pseudo-Christian cults like the Mormons, Witnesses of Jehovah and Seventh Day Adventists, to non-Christian sects of Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Shintoist, Afro-American and magic origins.
Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori said Thursday he will stay away from legislative groups while serving as premier, following a barrage of criticism over a remark he made in a meeting of the Shintoist league.
We have compiled the budget so we can achieve a 1% growth rate (in fiscal 2000), and I will work to have it enacted by the Diet as soon as possible," Obuchi said at a news conference held during a New Year trip to the Shintoist Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture.
Obuchi made the comments at a news conference held after a New Year pilgrimage to the Shintoist Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture.
Dictatorships the world over rewrite history to stoke nationalist loyalties--quite effectively--as the Nazis and state Shintoists did and as the PRC is now doing.
For example, Christians believe in the existence of Holy Spirit; Shintoists believe in the existence of Kami {spirits}; Jews believed that Yahweh inhabited mount Horeb; Muslims venerate the Sacred Stone, the Ka'ba in Mecca when they go for pilgrimage and among the Hindus and Jains, it is believed that spirits inhabit natural objects (Omoregbe, 1993).
The Japanese stood in contrast for being largely Buddhist or Shintoists, racially visible and from the non-Western world.